Monday, October 6, 2008

Eyelash Extensions!

After 4 weeks of training, I officially became certified to give eyelash extensions on October 1st!

#1. There is no damage to your natural eyelashes
#2. They look and feel natural
#3. You don't have to use any mascara or an eyelash curler
#4. You can get them wet without damage
#5. Save yourself a lot of time getting ready for the day


Regular Prices:
Luscious (full) Set: $200
Sassy (half) Set: $100
Touch ups/fills: $50

Luscious Set: $150
Sassy Set: $70
Touch ups/fills: $30

Go ahead and search around on the internet, you won't find a better deal ANYWHERE with a certified technician and the high quality products I get from "Extend Your Lashes" this is a killer deal!

1 comment:

angie said...

This is so cool. I've wanted to do this. I hope that next time I'm near you you'll still be having a special b/c I totally want to do it.