Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This is a subject you've probably heard me talk about before: compartmentalizing ones life.  We all wear many hats.  We have our personal life, our professional life, our family life, our social life, etc. etc.  I've talked to several people who have very different opinions about whether one should compartmentalize or not.

Some say that compartmentalizing drives you crazy because if you try to separate certain aspects of yourself when you are around certain people you're only robbing yourself and them of the full person that you are.  Others say that in order to stay sane you need to separate the different aspects of your life and give them the individual attention they deserve.  The common theme seems to be that either one will make you "insane" or "crazy".  If crazy is all I get then I think I choose the latter of the two because not everyone appreciates everything you are so why give them what they don't even want?  What are your opinions and thoughts on this?


Cassie said...

I didn't really think about it before now. But now that I am, I definitely act differently around different people. I certainly share different things with my in-laws than I do my own family, and surprisingly I share MORE with my in-laws because I know they won't judge my choices. Also, as you probably know from experience, I don't share a lot of details about my kids with a friend who is childless. Cuz they probably aren't as interested as one who has kids the same age. You have different things in common with different people, and your closeness to them also changes. I guess this all means that I support compartmentalizing. :)

Ryan and Kristen said...

Thanks for your response Cassie. I liked your comment about realizing you share even more with your in-laws because you know they won't judge you. I feel like I have to compartmentalize on my social networks because a lot of my family members and friends don't understand the entertainment industry and don't support it, and the more conservative ones don't even think women should have careers at all, so it becomes complicated. Again, I appreciate your thoughts.