Friday, March 7, 2008

Kaplan College Commercial

Sorry I'm reposting things to this page instead of our family page. I decided to keep my couples blog related to us as a couple rather than to things I do on my own. Anyways, this is a cheesy commercial I did last summer. :)


My Monster Plot said...


Great commercial! How did you even get into doing this?

Sorry to bother you...hopefully you can help. Kaplan used to run a commercial for medical assistance training. The girl in the commercial would come home from her job, throw her keys on the floor and plop on the couch. She'd complain to her mom "I am sooooo tired of this job. First, the waitressing job, then this. I don't WANT to work there forever."

Then her mom goes, "What about that certified medical assistance training at Kaplan?"

The girl says, "I've been THINKING about it...", picks up the phone and finally calls.

My husband and I thought it was a really entertaining commercial and wanted to figure out what happened to it. Do you have any idea?

Thank you!

--Katie Nickas

Kristen Jensen said...

Hello Katie,
4 years later and I am just barely seeing your comment for the first time. I'm very sorry about that. I'm sorry that I do not know which commercial you are speaking of. Wish I could help more.