Friday, June 6, 2008


I auditioned for a hosting job for a "how to" series last week and thought I nailed it. The director told me I was the first person he had seen all day to do what he had asked and that I was a breath of fresh air. I walked out of the audition feeling pretty confident I got the job with a compliment like that. A week later and I still haven't heard anything, making me realize that if I haven't heard by now, it means I didn't get the job. I can live with not getting jobs, it happens. But why do people have to give such nice compliments and get your hopes up like that? Ugh. That's what I don't like!


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Vicki said...

I hate that, too, especially with job interviews (namely at my work, I've applied for Team Leader in the past and now going for Assistant Project Manager). They tell you how good you are and then they give the job to someone else. I won't be too disappointed if I don't get this APM job, though. I won't have to deal with the responsibility (haha), but it will be better pay and more vacation hours. I'll make a post on my blog if I get it (if I don't, I probably won't post).