Thursday, August 7, 2008

So Kristen, what do you DO?...

This is always kind of an awkward question for me because I have found that as an artist of any kind, people don't really give merit to what you do as being "real work" unless of course you're famous, and even then, a lot of people still don't give art merit as being real work.
My friend Tatum explained it well by calling actors and "artsy people" the "slashes". Example: "I am an actress/waitress, or I am a singer/teacher" etc.
Very rarely can you just live off of your craft in art, yet if you really want to succeed at it and be good at it, you have got to devote your whole heart to it. It's kind of a catch-22.

Well, I fall nicely into this "category" as I do many odds and end things all the time. It can be nice as I am someone who HATES routine and get very bored if I don't experience new things in my life, but sometimes it can be hard not to have consistency. That is something I truly do appreciate about my husband, that he is consistent and enjoys routine, bringing balance to our relationship.
Anyways, here is my "slash" job for the month of August...

I am a promotional model for "cosmetic promotions" and get to put makeup on people etc. sigh, I wonder what the next month holds.

Which by the way, if any of you know of any part time job opportunities that you think I would enjoy let me know because I am trying really hard to save up enough money to go back to school, and if I don't get the acting job that I'm really hoping I get then I will definitely need to get a job doing something else! Thanks!

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that girl said...

you're so awesome, K!! your reference to "slashes" made me think about how much fun we had in Chicago. i can't wait to see you in Jan!!! omg i can't wait!!!!